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At the offices of Andrea Cook & Associates, our clients are as varied as the types of claims we confidently handle in both state and federal court: longshore workers, C.E.O.s, scientists, police personnel, firemen, corporate vice presidents, garment workers, school teachers, retail sales personnel, aerospace workers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, postal workers, municipal management personnel, veterinarians, auto workers, union members, and entrepreneurs. Our lawyers and staff are proud of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.


Employment Law:

Age Discrimination Severance Agreements
Discrimination Wage and Hour
Sexual Harassment Wrongful Termination
Labor Law  


Civil Rights:

Civil Litigation:

First Amendment Issues Serious Personal Injury
Education Rights Business Litigation
Gay Rights Elder Law


Medication Injury:

Criminal Defense:

Physician Prescribing Error Workplace Criminal Conduct
Pharmacist Dispensing Error Workplace Violence Issues
Nursing Drug Administration Error Workplace Stay Away Orders
Defective Drugs Workplace Embezzlement and Fraud
  Assault and Battery
  Drug Offenses


Leading our firm is attorney Andrea L. Cook. A native of Long Beach, Ms. Cook has maintained a varied practice with emphasis in employment law and civil litigation. Ms. Cook attended the honors program at UCLA, majoring in International Relations/Political Science. Following graduation from Southwestern University School of Law, Ms. Cook worked briefly in Milan, Italy, and Los Angeles, California. Thereafter, she established her own law firm in Long Beach, California, focusing her attention on labor and employment law, and civil rights cases.


Ms. Cook has successfully concluded thousands of employment and civil rights matters for both plaintiffs and defendants. Of particular note, are successful cases of first impression representing plaintiffs in civil rights matters including student on teacher discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination of a municipal/probationary employee, and sexual orientation issues.


Julie A. Langslet was born and raised in Long Beach, California. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. In 1986, Ms. Langslet graduated from the University of Southern California Law Center. At the same time she obtained a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in health services administration.


Ms. Langslet has been a member of the California Bar since 1986, and the Texas Bar since 2001 and has practiced health law, business litigation, and civil rights law. Ms. Langslet has also has worked as an assistant federal public defender in the capital habeas unit and as an attorney with the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.


Ms. Langslet’s unique professional combination as a practicing pharmacist and lawyer make her particularly well-suited to cases involving medication injury and assessing the role of drugs in civil and criminal litigation matters.

Dr. James Lewis has defended and prosecuted thousands of cases on behalf of Plaintiffs and Defendants and has been lead counsel in numerous state and federal court trials. Dr. Lewis’ unique educational background (PhD. Psychology and Juris Doctorate, UCLA), brings a depth of understanding and broad based knowledge and skill set to every case.

The Law Office of Michael Berger is a highly respected law firm offering aggressive representation and litigation services throughout California with over 90 years combined experience in complex criminal and civil cases. Ms. Cook has a long-standing relationship with The Law Office of Michael Berger and it’s attorneys. She also has their resources readily available to her clients as needed.


The law office of Michael Berger is an experienced, dedicated group of attorneys whose offices are located in Santa Barbara, California. The Law Office of Michael Berger utilizes modern communication technology and a highly mobile litigation team to represent clients in state and federal courts and administrative agencies throughout California.

We are dedicated to standing by clients throughout the entirety of their cases and aggressively advocating for their rights.


To learn more about Ms. Cook and the other attorneys of her office, please see the profiles on our website or contact our office by phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation with a member of our staff.

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