Sexual Harassment


California Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Long Beach


Sexual harassment is one of the most common forms of workplace harassment. Though the stereotypical case of sexual harassment involves a man harassing a woman, the situation can be reversed, impacting and rendering the male a victim. Also, California law provides specific prohibitions against same-sex harassment.


Our legal team at the office of Andrea Cook & Associates is committed to aggressively seeking an end to the sexual harassment you are experiencing. We have handled a vast array of sexual harassment cases throughout our years of practice. Examples of sexual harassment include (but are far from limited to) the following:


• Unwelcome sexual propositions or marriage proposals
• Unwelcome hugging, kissing, or other offensive physical contact of a sexual nature
• Unwelcome lewd gestures, remarks, or innuendoes
• Unwelcome discussions of sexual practices or anatomy
• Unwelcome sexually offensive posters, photographs, drawings, cartoons, jokes, stories, nicknames
• Unwelcome comments about appearance
• Comments or jokes that are gender specific


Although these situations constitute sexual harassment, one isolated or stray comment may not be enough to construct and file a sexual harassment case. Our practice is dedicated to assisting clients who have experienced ongoing harassment in the workplace. Courts and juries must decide whether the conduct is both objectionable to a reasonable person and so widespread or frequent so as to be considered pervasive.


You have a right to put a stop to the sexual harassment that you are experiencing in the workplace, The sexual harassment attorneys at our firm can help you understand your rights and educate you on the hostile work environment laws that govern your situation.


Contact a sexual harassment lawyer by phone or e-mail at our office today. We at the law firm of Andrea Cook & Associates take the time to listen to clients and understand the many aspects of their situation. We can discuss time frames which are limited for filing a case, and your options for filing a charge with either the DFEH or EEOC regarding the workplace harassment you have experienced.



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