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California state and federal laws provide equal access to education and are intended to promote an understanding and tolerance of all differences among students, staff, teachers and administrators. Under California law, teachers, students and administrators are prohibited by law to harass others based on race, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Equitable access to an education free from discrimination and harassment is an important and invaluable right that Andrea Cook & Associates is committed to preserving on behalf of our clients.

Harassment in schools is a problem in California and nationwide. It is important to seek legal assistance if you are a teacher or student experiencing harassment and/or discrimination based on your race, gender, or other protected class. Our lawyers and staff at the law office of Andrea Cook & Associates are fluent in the language of state and federal laws that govern student/teacher harassment and discrimination. We strive to help clients understand their rights and options under the law.

School districts are responsible for maintaining a safe and harassment-free educational environment and can be held liable if they act with deliberate indifference to harassment against students in the school. Every school has an obligation to act reasonably in light of the known circumstances of harassment and discrimination. These circumstances include harassment situations involving student-on-student, teacher-on-student, and the failure of the school administration to respond promptly and effectively to complaints or conduct it knows or should understand as harassing or discriminatory.

Andrea Cook & Associates has successfully resolved cases on behalf of students, teachers and administrators who have been harassed and/or discriminated against in their particular educational environments.

Cases handled by our firm include:

• A gay teacher at a junior high was repeatedly harassed by several students. After seeking the assistance of our firm, the teacher was able to end the harassment. We were successful in holding the school district liable for the harassment that was taking place.

• Six African American students were successful in their claims against a high school district for racial harassment.

• A high school teacher was wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct. The teacher was actually the target of harassment by teenage girls.

The lawyers at Andrea Cook & Associates are skilled and knowledgeable and will fight to preserve your rights.

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