Public Employees


Protecting Public Employees


Public employment is governed by multiple layers of city, state and federal laws that may intersect with federal labor laws and state claims. For more than 20 years, Andrea Cook & Associates has provided clients with an aggressive team approach to stand up for the rights of public employees,either as individuals or as a group, including a bargaining unit or unionized group.


At Andrea Cook & Associates, we have obtained millions of dollars and vindicated the rights of public employees of numerous federal, state and city governments, such as:


• U.S. Post Office
• City of Brentwood
• City of Seal Beach
• City of Long Beach
• LA Sheriff’s Department
• Orange Fire Department
• L.A. Police Department
• University of California
• Veterans Administration
• Metropolitan Water District
• L.A. Unified School District
• U.S. Department of Defense


Our success stems in part from our attention to detail. If you are a county worker or another public employee concerned a layoff is looming, we are well-prepared to help you. Contact us today to schedule a convenient consultation.


Protecting Public Employees
Even though you work in a public office, you still have rights as an employee. It is important to exercise those rights if you have experienced employment law related problems such as sexual harassment, discrimination, or wage and hour issues.


Writ of Mandamus
Writs are used to challenge the decisions of governmental agencies in the Superior Court. We provide guidance to clients regarding Skelly hearings and the other types of public employee proceedings.


Ready to Protect You
Whether you are a public employee being forced into retirement, or have been a victim of discrimination, we are well-prepared to protect you. Contact us today to schedule a convenient appointment — we are committed to standing up for the rights of all employees, public and private.



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